How to disable your adblocker for selected pages

1. Click the Adblock icon in your browser toolbar

2. Disable the adblocker for this page

3. Refresh the website via browser


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Avira Browser Safety

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You can not access the page even though you have already set an exception for this page or are not even using an adblocker?

In this case, please contact us at However, we ask you to first check the following points:

  • Have you installed an antivirus software? Some of these programs have integrated adblock features. Please check your settings to see if your program blocks ads. In this case, create an exception for this page.
  • Are you using a script blocker? These are sometimes mistakenly recognized as adblockers. Please check in the settings of the script blocker if it blocks ads, and create an exception rule for this page.
  • Have you activated more than one adblocker? Sometimes it happens that users unknowingly use multiple adblockers. Please check if your browser has an automatic adblock feature built in, or if you accidentally use two adblock programs, and create an exception rule for that page as well.

You want to create an exception rule for a page in your security/antivirus software?

Here is a sample guide to the Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 software:

1. Open the settings of your security software.

2. Click on "Protection" in the navigation bar and go to the item "Anti-Banner".

3. Open Settings for "Allowed Banner Sites".

4. Add the URL to the desired website and save it.

Kaspersky Internet Security settings