Choice is the new targeting

Successful video campaigns with choice-driven ad consumption.

How Welect works

Users select a campaign that is relevant to them at that moment. That’s what we call organic targeting.

Benefits of Choice-driven Advertising

Case Studies


Bosch setzt auf selbstbestimmte, cookiefreie Werbung


Facebook verbindet Menschen und kommuniziert nutzerorientiert mit Welect.


Apple setzt auf On Demand Advertising mit Welect

High Reach and Target Group Variance

Welect is integrated with many premium publishers for maximum reach and high target group variance.

Welect already reaches more than 25 million UU / month.

Where you know us from

Adzine Interview

April 2023

Targeting mit und ohne Third-Party-Cookies sowie neue Wege der Zielgruppenansprache.


February 2023

Wer die Wahl hat …


December 2022

Jack Wolfskin testet neues Videoformat mit Shopping-Funktion


December 2022

Jack Wolfskin startet Kampagne mit Welect


January 2022

Evolutionen im Video Advertising


October 2021

Warum die Zukunft von Adtech cookieless sein muss

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Holger Dohmen

Head of Digital Marketing, Ford-Werke GmbH

We included Welect as a cookieless and choice-driven alternative in our media mix in order to generate in a user-friendly way incremental reach in the target group and the the video results convinced us. While focusing on video, Welect also generated a significant uplift in qualified traffic and on-site actions.

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Joel Koch

Managing Director, OMD

I like people who think outside the box to find solutions to problems that seem impossible to solve. With its choice-driven approach, Welect does exactly that. This enables us to reach those who are largely opposed to advertising and are therefore difficult to reach. Since these users then also decide for themselves whether and how often they want to see an advertising, the relevance of the generated contacts increases. Welect thus offers an innovative and intelligent product that I am always happy to recommend.

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Melanie Rupp

Lead Media & Digital Marketing, SEAT Deutschland GmbH

Thanks to Welect, we have found the ideal partner to target our online video campaigns specifically to our target audience. With their Choice-Driven Advertising approach, we ensure that the users are at the center of our focus and can independently decide whether they want to watch our spot or not. Through the Shoppable Video Ad feature, we also offer already interested users the opportunity to deepen their existing interest through various link-outs in the video spot and can thus specifically optimize conversions on the website. This creates added value for both the brand and the target audience. Our performance results speak for themselves. Since Welect operates cookieless, we are well-positioned for the future here as well.

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Markus Zielinski

Director Media, S-Communication Services GmbH

Choice-driven advertising has a good chance of gaining in importance. With cookies dying, losses in efficiency are to be expected that cannot be fully offset by other targeting approaches alone. The higher these are, the more important choice-driven advertising becomes.