What is Welect?

Welect is an ad-tech company that enables advertisers to display video ads on the Internet in a user-friendly and effective manner.

To achieve this, Welect develops and operates a technology for self-determined advertising consumption in digital media. Consumers can choose which ads they want to watch on different ad spaces. This self-determination enables cookie-free targeting, a very high advertising impact and ensures significantly more satisfied users.

Welect works with numerous high-reach publishers and delivers very large reach in many target groups. More and more advertisers rely on Welect for successful digital video campaigns.

What is special about Welect? / How does Welect differ from other video ad providers?

Welect develops and operates a technology for self-determined advertising consumption in digital media. Consumers can choose which advertisements they want to watch on many ad spaces. This self-determination enables cookie-free targeting, a very high advertising impact and ensures significantly more satisfied users.

Other advertising placements in the market do not allow users to participate in decision-making. As a rule, a programmatic bidding process or an ad server decides which ad is displayed.

What ad formats does Welect offer?

Instream Video Ads, AdBlock Placements, Shobbable Video Ads, Performance Banner Ads, Fullscreen Videos, Mobile.

Does Welect take sustainability into account when displaying online ads?

Welect unites SSP and DSP in a single platform, does not synchronize data with DMPs and Data-Clean-Rooms, and transfers the exchange function to people.

In comparison to standardized programmatic advertising delivery, Welect saves 80% of the requests, server and database capacities and therefore achieves a significantly more sustainable approach (reduction of emissions instead of causing them and a subsequent compensation).

Which agencies does Welect work with?

Welect works in partnership with all agency groups and many media companies in Germany.

Which advertisers run campaigns with Welect?

Almost all market leaders and challengers from industries like automotive, telecommunication, insurance, FMCG, service providers, trade, finance, electronics and many more run campaigns with Welect.

Which publishers does Welect work with?

Large and small publishers from the fields of news, business / politics, e-mail, technology, gaming, lifestyle, entertainment, family, and cooking.

For more information, feel free to contact us directly.

How and why does Welect work without cookies?

At Welect, consumers choose the ad that is relevant to them at this particular time. This way Welect delivers the campaign to the right target group even without cookies. This approach is also future-proof: even in times when targeting with third-party cookies is becoming increasingly difficult, all target groups can still be reached with Welect. With our choice-driven-advertising, we minimize media budget wastage by having users express their interest in selecting the relevant advertising. Consequently unwanted advertising is not played out

What is the reach of Welect?

More than 25 million unique users per month.

In which countries can I book Welect?

Welect can be booked in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

What is Welect's pricing model?

At Welect, billing is mostly based on CpCV. The advertiser only pays for the selected and fully viewed spot. We offer the following price models CpV, CPC and CPE.

Is there a minimum booking volume?

The minimum booking volume is 5.000,- € net/net.

Is there a maximum booking volume per week / month?

The possible volume varies depending on the target group or campaign topic. Possible volumes are calculated individually.

Do you offer discounts?

A discount is possible and depends on the booking volume. There is no fixed discount.

Do you offer special ad formats?

Yes, we already offer a selection of special ad formats. We are also happy to develop new ideas together with you.

Is it possible to exclude competitors?

As a rule we allow for only one campaign of a product category to be offered for selection at a time.

Can one book individual sites?

In general it is possible. However, we recommend booking topic channels or a selection of several sites. This way the campaign can be better delivered and optimised. White- or blacklisting is possible.

Are there target groups/ topic channels?

Yes, we offer a selection of different channels.

Which target groups can I reach with Welect?

Essentially, we reach all sought-after target groups through our self-determined approach and our large distribution network. Even very precise target groups can be easily identified and reached using this mechanism. Welect also works without the use of third-party cookies and is ready for the post-cookie era.

What can I do if I want to book Welect but don't have a video ad?

Welect is happy to help with the creation of a video together with partners. Alternatively, there are special formats that can be booked with static images/banners.

Can one book individual formats (e.g. instream only)?

Yes, that is possible, but we usually recommend a network booking for more reach.

What does a campaign with Welect cost?

This is very variable and depends on the running time, the video length and the desired volume. We would be happy to calculate an individual offer for you.

Do I receive regular campaign reports?

Yes, reports are usually sent weekly.

Can I track my campaign?

Yes, there are various options here. However, we recommend considering a tracking service that does not require user consent, otherwise the measurable range will be severely limited and counting differences could occur.
Or check our Specs Sheet.

How do I send you my creative materials?

Creative materials can be delivered as redirect or physically.

More information in our Specs Sheet.

Can I track brand safety and viewability?

Yes, as long as it is possible in terms of data protection, we support all common tracking providers that are used for brand safety/ viewability measurement.
More information in our Specs Sheet.

Are Welect placements brand safe?

Yes, Welect only works with high quality premium publishers. In addition, many placements are visually and temporally decoupled from the editorial content. This ensures a high level of security.