In its current video campaigns, the Süddeutsche Klassenlotterie focuses entirely on the goal of awareness and activation and relies on testimonial Jörg Pilawa in its explanatory videos.

In order to reach the right users digitally with its videos, in the age of the advancing dwindling of 3rd party cookies, SKL is already testing alternatives to classic cookie targeting together with its media agency Masterplan-Media from Hamburg and is also relying on the choice-driven advertising approach of the Düsseldorf ad tech company Welect - and more than successfully.

By using the choice-driven video format from Welect, SKL leaves it up to users in target group-affine environments to decide for themselves whether the class lottery is interesting for them and whether the spot is then played in a self-determined manner.

"Already now, advertisers can no longer fully reach their target groups via cookie-based targeting - be it through not giving consent to data use or through blocking browser restrictions. With Welect, we have a partner that plays an important part in our future-oriented cookie-less targeting. The approach of letting users choose the advertising video themselves before the actual content proves to be extremely effective for us. Less wastage, higher relevance and therefore increased advertising impact are the result." Daniel Schwermer, Director Data Advertising at DATAZULU.

The result: 5.3 million times the campaign of the South German Class Lottery was put to the vote in the Welect network. This resulted in over 550 thousand actively selected video starts during the 6-week campaign period. With a view-through rate of 77%, Welect's cookieless placement was also the top performer in SKL's online video setup. Cost-efficiently, online video placement is billed on the completed view. This means that costs are only incurred when users actively decide to watch a commercial and have watched it 100%.


Another indication that the self-determined approach reaches the right and interested target group of the customer even without cookies is the strong click-through rate of over 4.9%. Thus, Welect delivered a lot of users to the target page of the Süddeutsche Klassenlotterie, which generated more than 100 minutes of dwell time.

The goal "attention and activation for the lottery tickets of the SKL" was successfully achieved!

Süddeutsche Klassenlotterie: "We are pleased to be associated with Welect through Masterplan Media and are very satisfied with the effective playout of our advertising media. We are excited to see what the future holds for our digital cooperation with Welect."

In addition to the already functioning targeting by the users themselves and the complete renunciation of 3rd party cookies, SKL also sets an example on the topic of sustainability by using the Choice-Driven-Video format. The Choice-Driven-Video format generates significantly more than 80% less CO2 emissions than conventional pre-roll placements by completely eliminating cookies and interactions with DSP, SSP and DMP and has been part of the GreenMedia Landscape since May 2023.

We are looking forward to further campaigns with our client SKL and would like to take this opportunity to thank Masterplan-Media from Hamburg again for their great cooperation.