Press release: Award for data protection innovation: Welect receives 'ePrivacy Vendor Compliance Seal' for years of commitment to data protection

Düsseldorf, 11. January 2024 – Welect, the leading adtech provider for self-determined online advertising, has been awarded the "ePrivacy Vendor Compliance Seal" by the Hamburg-based data protection auditing company ePrivacy. Receiving the seal of approval demonstrates the data protection compliance and security of the Choice-Driven Advertising (CDA) solution offered by Welect, in which users decide for themselves which advertising they want to interact with.

The basis for awarding the seal of approval is a comprehensive testing and certification process developed by a team of accredited data protection experts recognized as an expert testing body in the field of law and technology at the Independent Centre for Data Protection Schleswig-Holstein. With the help of this procedure, marketers such as Welect can transparently prove the data protection compliance of their technologies and thus strengthen trust in responsible cooperation with publishers, agencies and advertisers. By receiving the seal of approval, ePrivacy certifies Welect's compliance with the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF 2.2), the relevant aspects of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Telecommunications and Telemedia Data Protection Act (TTDSG).

As part of the certification process, Welect was examined and evaluated in seven areas from the IAB TCF, GDPR and TTDSG based on 38 criteria. The seven areas are broken down into the legal basis, transparency and data subject rights, data security, documentation requirements, international data transfer, use and processing of TCF signals and TCF registration and procedures. The relevant criteria are based on a public catalog.

Welect's approach is to let users decide for themselves which advertising they want to interact with. To this end, users are given a selection of four commercials from which they can choose which one appeals most to their personal interests. This self-determination results in organic targeting with high accuracy. "Choice-Driven Advertising makes data-free targeting easy, even in times of GDPR and ePrivacy. We at Welect are particularly pleased to have received the 'ePrivacy Vendor Compliance Seal', as it shows that data protection and successful advertising work together," explains Olaf Peters-Kim, founder and managing director at Welect.

About Welect
With Choice-Driven Advertising (CDA), the ad tech company Welect is bringing self-determination to advertising. Users decide for themselves which video they want to see from a selection of commercials from different advertisers. Advertisers benefit from self-determined consumption through a strong advertising impact, cookie-free targeting and reach even with adblock users. Publishers who are looking for alternative revenue models also benefit. Welect's clients include Audi, Commerzbank, Barmer, Deutsche Telekom, Peloton and Apple. On the publisher side, the portfolio includes some of the media with the highest reach, such as Focus, Spiegel and T-Online. Welect was founded in 2016 by Olaf Peters-Kim and Philipp Dommers in Düsseldorf. Peters-Kim has been the sole managing director of the company since 2022. Further information can be found at

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