Let’s talk about Reach!

In the media and marketing world, everything revolves around digital reach - lots of reach. However, people rarely question what exactly is meant by digital reach. And what is actually a lot? Especially as it is becoming increasingly difficult to recognise users based on cookies or identifiers on high-reach sites, making a large proportion of this reach unusable for AdTech approaches.


In most cases, the aim is to reach as many people as possible in the predefined target group with the brand message. However, it is often not considered whether the people in the predefined target group are really interested in the message. The remaining reach is therefore not the same as reach. But how much reach does our choice-driven approach actually have?


Because Welect's Choice-Driven Advertising solution can convert the full reach into successful campaigns, over 120 high-quality sites have already included the solution - making Welect one of the top video providers on the market!


With our choice-driven approach, we reach the people who are interested in the message, so we cover the important contacts in the market. And this is of course individualised depending on the customer and potential, but of course we also need the high basic reach in order to reach and identify the majority of interested parties and give them the choice.


In times of cookie deaths, falling consents and rising adblock user numbers, we can claim that the people who view our selection actively give their consent, whether they are adblock users or not. And under the aforementioned conditions, this is no longer so easy with classic prerolls.


The big picture:

To summarise: reach is not the same as reach - a lot of reach is of course always desirable. And as we have included the providers with the highest reach in our highly effective choice-driven approach, we are one of the video providers with the highest reach on the market.


In our view, it is important to ask yourself how you can reach the majority of your target group in the long term and make them happy at the same time, because you can decide for yourself which message is relevant to you. For more insights and specific reach, please contact us - we look forward to hearing from you!