Choice-Driven-Advertising goes Adtrader 2023

With a bit of hindsight, this was a really great gathering of the adtech industry in Berlin. Welect was an official sponsor of Tech Day for the first time and had the opportunity to present itself to the adtech scene on the first day of the conference. About 500 participants came together on June 6th and 7th in Berlin for the two-day Adtrader Conference to discuss the status quo and the serious changes in online advertising and to point out possible solutions and alternatives.

Thematically, our Cookieless solution "Choice-Driven-Advertising" fit perfectly into the conference program, which was also reflected in the high number of participants of our 15-minute presentation. Through the conscious decision of the user for a campaign in an advertising selection, Choice-Driven-Ads map the interest targeting by the people themselves and already do completely without 3rd party cookies.

An additional and important side effect of choice-driven ads is the significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Listed on the Green Media Landscape since the beginning of June, choice-driven ads from Welect generate significantly more than 80% less CO2 emissions than conventional OLV campaigns, since the data exchange between DSP, DMP and SSP required for conventional targeting is completely replaced by the human decision.

The increasingly difficult identification of relevant users on the Open Web due to stricter data protection regulations, low consent rates and the progressive elimination of 3rd party cookies were and are currently probably the hottest topic in the adtech industry. The tenor: brands must be brave and dare to test alternatives and cookieless solutions for themselves now, so that they are not left behind in the coming year at the latest.

"There is no longer one solution," says Alwin Viereck of United Internet Media. "But the solutions are on the table and need to be tested. And they need to be tested today - not tomorrow."

What is clear is that in the future there will no longer be the one solution in the market to efficiently reach one's target audience on the Open Web, but rather it will become an orchestration of a wide variety of providers and ad technologies.

In addition to many exciting presentations and panel discussions, there was also plenty of time to talk to many familiar faces in the industry and to meet lots of new people. The conditions for a great networking were more than given in Kosmos Berlin with best weather.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Adzine team once again for their organization and hospitality.