Maximum Engagement and  Monetisation

Retain your audience on-site.
With Welect On Demand Advertising.


Common publishing wall predicament: Once the flow of readers declines, monetisation suffers. Pay-, registration-, CMP- and anti-Adblocker-walls lead to high bounce rates. Too many readers "bounce" and leave your website.


Our ON DEMAND ADVERTISING technology minimises these breaks in the reading flow - and monetises the increased visits at a high price.


Readers reward our user-friendly solution with greater website engagement and stronger brand loyalty.


Optimise your fill rate

Improve your video fill rates with high-priced CPMs.


Are you measuring too many unserved ad-requests in your Video player or does your entire website need to improve its fill rate ?

Our on demand advertising solution fills the gap with premium campaigns.

High-priced CPM

Introduce a new source of revenue for your content.


User-centered video ads generate a significantly higher commercial impactAdvertisers reward such campaigns with a premium.

Convert adblock users and consent rejecters

The number of adblock users and those who decline consent is constantly increasing.

This group of users is sensitive to advertising messages and is difficult to reach.


Welect is able to reach these users without compromising their privacy.


Make a good impression on your readers by allowing them to choose the ad and maintain control as a user.

Reduce bounce rates significantly

Convert irregular users into loyal readers. Welect products are a user-friendly alternative to strong paywalls: readers can access certain premium content while being introduced to your subscription.


This way publishers monetise flybyer traffic, increase loyalty of this group of readers and significantly lower bounce rates on their pages.


Our customers report a decrease in bounces of up to 50% .


Dennis Dirdjaja

Director Operations,  

Spektrum der Wissenschaft

Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

By using Welect, we enable our business partners to use up-to-date and therefore cookie-free targeting with high commercial impact and a promising CPM.

Malte Krotki

Business Development Manager,

Netpoint Media GmbH 

For us, Welect is a technology company with which we have been implementing individual solutions for our publishers for years. Quick coordination and personal support from Welect enables us to make short-term adjustments in a volatile market and to develop scalable business models.

Jobst Christian Höche

Head of Digital,
Nordbayerischer Kurier und HCS-Gruppe 

It is good to have a partner who responds quickly and effectively to our inquiries. The user-friendliness applies not only to our readers but also to us as business partners.

Martin Pichler

Director Programmatic & Sales, GmbH 

The user-friendly 

AdBlock-dialog approach leads to good unblocking rates, which has a positive influence on our fill rates without discriminating against AdBlock users.



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